What to do in Milano

This video, “36 Hours – The New York Times – What to Do in Milan”,
by Ingrid K. Williams, provides a lively picture of Milano business, art, and culture.

The few monuments you can’t miss:

  • Roman – The columns of St. Lorenz Basil
  • Middle Ages, Romanic – St. Ambrogio Basil, The Merchants’ Square
  • Middle Ages, Gothic – The Cathedral
  • Renaissance – The Church of “Santa Maria alle Grazie” (the Last Supper is nearby)
  • Neoclassic – The Opera House “La Scala”
  • Modern – The Pirelli Tower (in front of the Central Station)
  • Contemporaneous – The Directional Centre around Gae Aulenti square

Important tips:

Towns easily reached from Milano by train

Milano sits right in the middle of Northern Italy plain. So the major beauties of Northern and Central Italy can be quickly reached just by train (T) or fast-train (FT).
A survey is given below: Railway connection – Monuments to be seen.
The snapshot is chosen to intrigue you; the rest is to be discovered.


Our virtual trip ends here, knowing we have limited time. However, just in case we were allowed a couple of sabbatical years, we could decide to reach all the less easily connected centers we left behind by train, scattered over a beautiful land. Or even, we would travel further towards the Alps, or the Mediterranean Sea, or the South and the Islands.

Why not? At least in our dreams.